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Liquid Bubbles

Upcoming Events

  • Prayer Lifestyle Movement Finale 2023
    Fri, May 05
    Join us for the FINALE! The Prayer Lifestyle Movement will empower your faith in prayer. You will be empowered with prayer, worship and powerful teaching that will evolve your life!

This is my life

Darron O'Neal has been known for his passionate teaching and revelation of the Kingdom of God. Equipping and empowering the soul of the believer to transformation power through prayer and prophetic worship meetings. Darron is an agent of change, ambassador of the Kingdom of God, ready to help you to discover your legal rights in God. 

Prayer is key.  Prophecy is the guidance
Love shows the way. 

The light of god.Transformation power.

Jesus is the door.    Faith on fire.   Unlearn to Relearn.


Are you apart of the Prayer Lifestyle Movement?

Prayer Lifestyle Movement is a group that holds a wealth of knowledge on prayer. We are the movement in the earth releasing prayer and power through out the world. We are not just a entity that provides information and Kingdom strategy, but we also pray and seek God! We need someone like you, who desires to grow in life and stay consistent with your walk in God. Join in! ​

Text "PLM" to 888-298-6519 to join! 

Here you will receive text messages personally from Darron L. O'Neal throughout the week, to keep your mind steadfast on Gods word. Not just that! You will have thought provoking quotes and much laughter moments as well! 

Plus there's perks in joining the movement such as:

Discounts on Merch, certain workshops and zoom teachings and much more!




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